Digital Health

For almost a decade, the Novartis Foundation has been using data, digital and AI to power initiatives that are people-centered, integrated, scalable and sustainable.


The KaziBantu initiative aimed to improve the cardiovascular health of schoolchildren and their teachers in disadvantaged communities in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. The initiative developed a mobile app called KaziHealth to help teachers manage their cardiovascular risk factors and health. The app is now openly available on Google Play. The KaziHealth mobile app integrates three lifestyle interventions: physical activity, healthy eating, and stress and sleep management, to help individuals achieve their personal heart health goals. It was listed as a finalist in the 2020 CommonWealth Digital Health Awards. 

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Vietnam’s eHypertension tracker

The Communities for Healthy Hearts program in Vietnam developed the e-Hypertension Tracker – an online searchable database to gather data about hypertension care, including blood pressure checks, diagnosis, treatment, and ongoing risk factors. This empowers primary health workers to better help their patients care for their health.

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São Paulo’s cardiovascular risk calculator

Assessing cardiovascular risk is important for planning adequate patient care. In response, the Better Hearts Better Cities program in São Paulo worked with the Brazilian Society of Hypertension to develop a mobile app that guides the user through a cardiovascular risk calculation. The app also includes the official guidelines for primary care for hypertension in São Paulo. The app is openly available for Android and iPhone.

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