For over 40 years, Novartis Foundation initiatives have helped improve the health of low-income populations.
“We aim to drive tangible population health impact by becoming a trusted foundation and partner for patients, organizations and governments by building partnerships to improve population health and narrow health inequities, through accelerating health and care innovation where needed most.” - The Novartis Foundation vision

Our journey has taken us from implementing health, education and agriculture projects in rural remote Africa, to pioneering digital health and innovative strategies for disease elimination, and driving multisector partnerships to rethink cardiovascular health and care in urban settings. The power of data, digital and AI has underpinned all of our recent work.

Today, we focus on the world’s most pressing health challenges: cardiovascular disease and health inequity. We take a population health approach, deploying data, digital and AI-led solutions that can transform health systems from being reactive to proactive, predictive and preventive.

To influence population health policies and actions, we organize our programs under two key pillars – CARDIO4Cities and AI4HealthyCities Health Equity Network. Both are underpinned by our global data collaborative for cardiovascular population health and regional HealthTech Hubs.


We focus on the world's most pressing health challenges:
cardiovascular disease and health inequality to
influence population health policies and actions



The CARDIO4Cities
approach to population health

Health Equity Network



Underpinned by the data collaborative for cardiovascular
population health
and regional HealthTech Hub(s)


We help our partners develop innovative solutions that tap into the newest technologies. We convene multi-sector stakeholders to deliver impactful population health interventions. By drawing together partners from both inside and outside the traditional health sector, we create powerful collaborations that move the needle to improve population health. We work with governments and other stakeholders to co-create locally owned, data-driven initiatives that address the health needs of underserved populations. We work with policymakers and other stakeholders to integrate data into decision-making – including evidence from our own successful initiatives.

In all our initiatives, we deliver robust evidence that informs effective policy making and health and care delivery, and share learnings, insights and models to advance the world’s understanding of population health, and enable replication of best practices.