The Novartis Foundation has co-chaired the Broadband Commission working groups on digital and AI in health since 2016. The working groups convene global experts to develop recommendations for countries to deploy sustainable digital and AI health strategies and solutions that address national health priorities.

The most recent working group, focused on virtual health and care, was co-chaired by the Novartis Foundation and the World Health Organization, and published its recommendations in 2022 in The Future of Health and Care: Driving access and equity through inclusive policies. The report provides learnings from 23 countries and presents recommendations to help countries ensure that virtual health and care drives health access and equity. It builds on three previous Broadband Commission working group reports.

  1. Reimagining Global Health through Artificial Intelligence: The Roadmap to AI Maturity (2020)
    This report presents the current top use cases where AI is successfully transforming health today and proposes a six-step roadmap for countries to achieve maturity to integrate AI in their health systems.
    We operationalized the roadmap in a free open-source AI in Health maturity assessment tool validated in six countries. The tool helps countries to identify where to best invest resources to successfully deploy AI solutions in health. Read the white paper Advancing artificial intelligence in health maturity to learn more.
  2. The Promise of Digital Health: Addressing Non-communicable Diseases to Accelerate Universal Health Coverage in LMICs (2018)
    This report provides practical recommendations and best practice examples of implementing sustainable digital health solutions that address NCDs in low- and middle-income countries.
  3. Digital Health: A Call for Government Leadership and Cooperation between ICT and Health (2017)
    This report created a blueprint for how ICT and health leaders can collaborate to develop impactful national digital health strategies.

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