Our Work

Women selling fresh produce at a market in Dakar, Senegal
  • Our Work

Striving to have sustainable impact on the health of low-income communities

We believe that where you live should not negatively impact your health due to reduced or no access to quality healthcare.
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Our Programs
  • Filipino couple with leprosy holding hands

    Accelerating leprosy elimination

    Zero transmission is the common vision to make leprosy history. We work with partners to diagnose and treat patients earlier.

  • Woman with baby having her blood pressure checked as part of our  Community-based Hypertension Improvement Project (ComHIP) in Ghana

    Enhancing heart health in low-income communities

    We pioneer innovative and sustainable solutions to address high blood pressure and its complications.

  • Woman on mobile phone as part of Ghana telemedicine project

    Reimagining healthcare through digital technology

    Digital health has the power to innovate healthcare and increase access and quality of care.

  • Two women laugh as they sit on steps outside a building

    Maturing programs

    Ensuring sustainability as projects mature and are integrated into health systems.

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