Feb 24, 2021

The Novartis Foundation has joined with media platform Devex to launch the HealthTech Dialogue Hub.

The hub hosts events and showcases lessons learned and best practices from the roll out of technology-enabled innovations — such as virtual doctors, e-health trackers, and online prescriptions.

It aims to facilitate ongoing dialogue between government leaders, health workers, researchers and innovators, to help transition emerging innovations into impactful, far-reaching solutions that improve the health of populations around the world.

Artificial Intelligence and tech solutions are booming. There's just this incredible wealth of examples emerging,” explained Jason Shellaby, director of global health policy at the Novartis Foundation. “Paired with that, there's a growing community of data scientists, entrepreneurs, and health care workers all thinking about how to leverage this and how to improve the health outcomes of populations.

We see a great opportunity to highlight innovations, collaborate around these issues and learn how to transition great ideas into impactful solutions, he added.


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