A Global Partnership on AI and Urban Health

Data and digital innovation offers extraordinary opportunities to support evidence-based decision-making and improve access to health. AI4HealthyCities brings together city and regional authorities from across the globe to share experiences, challenges and best practices in the use of data and AI to transform urban health and wellbeing, increase health equity, and create intelligent cities.

Cities today are facing unprecedented health challenges, from the growing burden of cardiovascular diseases, to increased demands on health systems due to rapid urbanization, and the acute dangers posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. At the same time, data and AI are transforming the urban health landscape and providing new opportunities for health systems to evolve from being reactive, to becoming proactive, predictive and even preventative.

Data and digital solutions have the potential to support decision-making and improve health equity by bringing health to all. Yet, implementation is challenging. The many potential solutions are all paired with challenges ranging from infrastructure requirements to concerns about algorithmic biases and data privacy. This means policy makers must be aware of the broad range of HealthTech solutions, and possess sufficient technological and legal literacy to evaluate their suitability. By exchanging best practices, cities can help each other embrace innovative solutions that transform the health of their entire populations.

This is why the Novartis Foundation and NewCities launched AI4HealthyCities – a platform for city and state governments to share experiences of how data and AI can improve the health and wellbeing of urban populations. The pioneering participants include the Ministry of Economy and Innovation of Québec, Canada, the Secretariat of Economic Development of the State of São Paulo, Brazil, and the Ministry and Secretariat of International Relations from both states.

Together, the participants will define proven solutions and recommendations, which will inform public policy proposals. AI4HealthyCities aims to create a sustainable coalition and long-term dialogue, expanding to other geographies, and also expanding from government-only dialogues to also include universities, civil society and other stakeholders.

About New Cities

NewCities is an experienced facilitator of dialogue between international governments and businesses and will support the operational implementation of AI4HealthyCities. The global non-profit is committed to shaping a better urban future and has a decade’s experience curating and producing innovative content about the most important emerging urban trends through tailored events, editorial features, and actionable research.